St.LukesHealth has a long and proud history of supporting our local community. We follow the simple philosophy that reinvesting in the community contributes to building healthy relationships and can provide opportunities to those less fortunate or simply means we can give a hand when it’s needed.

When done properly from a genuine altruistic desire to help others, the result can be improved staff morale, enhancement of your business reputation and it can provide your team members with valuable personal development opportunities.

These things should however not be the objective or goal of your business, they can only be considered a positive benefit that come about because of your team’s desire to help others.

The aim should not be to give back for the sake of giving back, it should sometimes be spontaneous, particularly where you can support your team in their own passions and community interests. I often hear of over formal policies dictating for example how many hours’ staff can contribute or the simple wasting of money to encourage staff engagement. The real message is lost in this circumstance and it can be hardly a wonder why staff wouldn’t engage.

I am proud and humbled by the commitment of St.LukesHealth Staff in their efforts to give back to the community.

For almost 17 years, team members from St.LukesHealth have participated in Relay For Life, a great cause where efforts raise awareness of cancer and all money raised goes to the Cancer Council to support research prevention as well as support services.

St.LukesHealth staff bring with them the needed resources, skills and advice to make such events successful through their own contribution.

Our staff also run their own Charity ‘Foundation 33’.  This group aims to work with local businesses and individuals to raise money for a wide range of causes. Big and small, one person or many.

If you’re interested in supporting Foundation33, visit and contact the team.

Sometimes the result of supporting your community is a reward of its own.  Most recently I was touched by a note sent in from a young Tasmanian cyclist as result of the support we had provided to the Tasmanian cycling community. This young man had recently beaten cancer and described how he had “hope to return to medal winning form” and was proud to put on the Tasmanian colours.

We must of course balance our resources in business and this sometimes means we must say no to a lot of worthy requests.

This year St.LukesHealth, I am proud to say, is fully committed as ever to engage with our local communities.

By Chris Williams, St.LukesHealth CEO