Recognising Tasmania as an Island of Innovation

When you are an island at the bottom of the world you have to do things differently – innovatively – to find a place on the world stage. That is why Tasmanians have always been innovative because, as island folk, we’ve always had to find solutions and depend on our own ingenuity.

Glass half full for Cadbury at Claremont

Mondelēz International Area Vice President Amanda Banfield has unveiled a $4 million investment in new equipment at Cadbury’s Claremont site, and launched Cadbury Dairy Milk’s latest marketing campaign ‘Proudly made in Tasmania’.

Labor sets new economic direction

Labor Leader Rebecca White responded to this year’s State Budget by handing down an Economic Direction Statement. We know that with the next election potentially just around the corner, Tasmanians want to know what a Labor Government would do and how we would fund it.