TasWater’s 24glasses Regional Towns Water Supply Program, which resulted in the removal of all public health alerts on drinking water, has been named winner of the Operator & Service Provider Excellence award at this year’s Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (IPA) presentation.

TasWater shared the award with project management partner KBR and TRILITY, the company which manufactured and installed nine water treatment plants in communities around Tasmania.

The judging panel said it chose TasWater’s Regional Towns Water Supply program because of its innovative approach to lifting public health alerts in many small communities and achieving the best outcome for TasWater customers.

TasWater CEO Michael Brewster said it was very pleasing to gain national recognition for a very significant infrastructure development.

“The job of installing a large number of small and in some cases quite isolated water treatment plants was an immense challenge from the very start,” Mr Brewster said.

“The key to success was our partnership with KBR and TRILITY which enabled us to complete the task within the time frame of 18 months which we committed to.”