Twenty nine of Tasmania’s brightest leaders have celebrated their completion of the latest Tasmanian Leaders Program.

Those who finished the 2018 program say they are now equipped with refined skills, new knowledge and increased motivation and are ready to enact positive change for Tasmania.

Places in the annual program are highly sought after and only granted to participants demonstrating a high degree of potential and passion.

Over 11 months last year, the 2018 participants have come together monthly to explore challenges and opportunities for Tasmania in areas such as community, business, economics and government through seminars, case studies, field trips and retreats.

Often described as a life-changing journey, the program enhances each participant’s leadership capacity, while prompting them to develop a vision for Tasmania’s future.

“I have felt great privilege in being selected to participate in a program that has challenged my perceptions and given me the opportunity to become better educated on issues facing Tasmania,” said graduating participant, Donna McDermott – the Acting Power Station Manager at Hydro Tasmania’s Tamar Valley Power Station.

“Throughout the year my confidence levels have increased and I have learnt to extend myself, ask questions and have conversations to broaden my awareness and networks.”

Australia Pacific Airports (Launceston) Manager of Planning and Development, Ilya Brucksch, said he was surprised by the program’s positive impact in all aspects of his life.

Mr Brucksch said the program had encouraged greater mindfulness and invigorated his sense of community.

“TLP challenged us to consider other people’s point of view. I learned how to look without bias, to allow complexity and to give the opportunity for more creative and considerate solutions.”

The graduating group expands the Tasmanian Leaders Alumni to 306.
TLP 2020 will be open to new applicants on June 1, 2019.

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