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2017 will be a defining year for Macquarie Point.

Following the Government’s announcement late last year that it was going to reset the vision for Macquarie Point and the launch of MONA’s blueprint to rejuvenate site, the momentum has really started to build.

So far this year the team at the Macquarie Point Development Corporation have made strong progress in a number of areas focussing on kick-starting building developments and opening up the site to the public.

The key to unlocking the site ahead of the major investment and development phase is to celebrate some of the historic buildings on the site.  The Hobart Brewing Company was one of the first businesses to see the potential of the site and their remodelled brewery, bar and beer garden has recently celebrated its first birthday and has been a runaway success.

The next building phase focusses on the Goods Shed next door.  Work has already started on taking an under-utilised building and transforming it into an exciting, vibrant community hub, which can be used for markets, events and exhibitions.  Later this year, the refurbished Shed will play host to everything from bridal expos to rock concerts.

There is exciting work underway to increase transport options to and from Mac Point, which can support businesses in the area.  For example, we are working with Hobart City Council to extend the inter-city bike path into the site.  We are also working with local hotels and aviation businesses to explore opportunities for helicopters to use the site as a landing point.

While it will take time to fully realise the vision for Macquarie Point as a community focal point, we have made significant progress this year to open up the site and to invite the community in.  The site will remain the home for Dark MOFO’s ‘Dark Park’ and the Sunday food truck market has proved to be a resounding success.

We are currently looking at offering site tours given the high level of interest in the area and we are also engaging with the creative industries sector to create a broad program of events for the site, such as pop-up workshops and street art festivals.

It is also imperative that we continue the conversation with groups that have long-standing links to our working Port.  The Antarctic Precinct is a vital part of the Government’s vision for Macquarie Point and we are working with groups like the Tasmanian Polar Network and others to make sure that Hobart continues to have a working port that can support our links to Antarctica and ocean research.  More broadly though, we are also talking to institutions like TMAG and the Eden Project to see how we can celebrate our links to Antarctica.  We also see Macquarie Point as the ideal home for scientific research to complement our Antarctic and oceanic research links.

And of course, we need to foster new links with the Aboriginal community.  The Government remains committed to consulting with the Aboriginal community and the broader community in relation to this important opportunity.

By the end of this year, Macquarie Point will be a very different place. It will feature refurbished buildings and spaces, new activities all with a community focus. It will also herald the evolution of iconic Tasmanian development of national significance.

 By Minister for State Growth Matthew Groom