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The Tasmanian Small Business Council (TSBC) has welcomed the State Government’s announcement of interest free loans for small businesses and consumers seeking to increase their energy efficiency, which comes on the back of a move to cap electricity prices for 12 months.

Chairman of the TSCB Geoff Fader said energy costs are one of the most significant expenses for businesses and householders alike, so any move to reduce these costs should be welcomed.

“We applaud the State Government for introducing this initiative, which will see up to $10 million available to residents and small businesses for interest free loans of a maximum of $10,000 to improve the energy efficiency of their homes or businesses,” Mr Fader said.

“The other benefit to these interest free loans, is they will also stimulate the economy through creating more jobs for electricians, builders and retailers who will be asked to provide and install the energy efficient products, many of whom themselves are small businesses.”

Mr Fader said in the long term, by increasing energy efficiency, businesses can lower overheads and therefore become more competitive, demonstrating the benefits of this scheme will be long lasting and have a significant impact throughout the small business sector.

“The news of this scheme comes on the back of an announcement by the State Government that electricity prices will be capped for the next year,” Mr Fader said.

“Energy price increases in Tasmania over the last decade have increased at a greater rate than inflation, so any moves to slow down the increase in power prices or for furthermore reduce them is welcomed.

“On behalf of small business in Tasmania, I congratulate the State Government for undertaking both of these initiatives,” Mr Fader said.