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Millennials are set to reshape the way Tasmanian small-to-medium sized enterprises operate.

Equipped with the latest in e-commerce and business intelligence technology, millennials are defined as those aged in their 30s and below.  They’re recognised as the largest group in the workforce, often characterised by their tendency to work smarter, not harder.

For Tasmanian businesses looking to recruit millennial expertise there may be no better time than now, with recent surveys recognising our state as Australia’s most popular destination for millennials.

In a survey conducted by online food and popular culture magazine The Urban List, just under 14,000 respondents aged 18-34 indicated Tasmania sat at the top of their travel list.

With attraction growing by way of our thriving arts, dining and tourism offerings, millennials are not only visiting, they are often opting to stay, with the average cost of living at a fraction of our major cities.

In contrast to ongoing fears surrounding the state’s ageing population, the exciting influx of youth predicted for 2017 has the opportunity to bring Tasmanian businesses in line with business technology leaders overseas and interstate.

ANZ travel and expense management technology provider, Concur, said advanced technology once reserved for large-budget companies, is now being implemented with great efficiency by millennials at a fraction of its former cost.

Matt Goss, ANZ managing director, Concur, has urged businesses to take advantage of the opportunity.

“The use of mobile expense management systems can save businesses time on administrative processes and also help reimburse employees faster, especially if they work offsite,” said Mr Goss.

“Employees simply snap a photo of their receipt and submit it to a system that processes the expense claim and automatically authorises reimbursement.”

Concur research shows the adoption of technology such as mobile expense management systems, is likely to be led in Tasmania by our millennial population, and will result in improved productivity for early adopters.

As our younger generation would assure us, Concur also confirmed the value in maintaining a high quality online presence for business.

With a staggering 97 per cent of internet users conducting research prior to purchasing products and services, the importance of investing in high quality design and content cannot be understated.

To reap the benefits of millennial employees, Mr Goss encourages businesses to listen to guidance from millennials and adopt technologies to help match the flexible working conditions they demand.