While business before was great for Saffire Freycinet, reception from the international market has significantly increased since it was crowned the best boutique hotel in the world.

The Federal Group’s Saffire Freycinet on Tasmania’s picturesque East Coast was crowned the best boutique hotel in the world at the international World Boutique Hotel Awards held in London late last year.

Overlooking the spectacular Freycinet Peninsula, the luxury resort was praised by the judges for offering a unique mix of natural environment, warm authentic service and cutting-edge design.

‘‘The award has allowed us to become a tourist destination at an international level. From a team perspective, all of us at Saffire are thrilled and humbled in equal measure,’’ Saffire Freycinet general manager Justin King said.

‘‘We feel very honoured and fortunate to have guests from around the world, from Europe to China, the US and beyond, and hope we can continue to attract these guests to Saffire and Tasmania.’’

Recently partnering with the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program, Saffire Freycinet now offers its guests the unique experience of seeing the iconic Tasmanian devil in an environment that reflects their natural habitat.

‘‘As the Tasmanian devil is so iconic, our partnership with the devil program will be of great interest to our international guests, as well as educating a wider audience on the severity of the tumour disease that threatens to extinct the species,’’ Mr King said.


Sunrise at Saffire

While visitation in Tasmania continues to increase, Mr King predicts a bright future for Saffire and Tasmania’s tourism industry.

‘‘The latest figures from Tourism Tasmania show a six per cent yearly increase in visitors to the state and a 20 per cent increase in holiday visitors,’’ Mr King said.

‘‘I believe the success of Tasmania’s tourism industry lies in our ability to connect guests with amazing produce, unique culture, natural beauty and genuine hospitality.’’

Since opening in 2010, Saffire Freycinet has been heralded a tourism destination, giving travellers a unique experience inspired by nature and complemented by Tasmania’s fresh produce and world renowned wines and beers.