It is very satisfying to announce that the TCCI completed the 2013-14 financial year with surplus exceeding $60,000 confirmed by our auditors.
We are now looking on this very positive result as the springboard for this financial year in which we have budgeted for an even stronger surplus following the restructure and the focus on the needs of our state-wide membership.
The surplus equates to a turnaround of more than $1.4m of operational losses in the previous two years. More than half of last year’s $544,000 deficit covered the restructure, including redundancies.
Significantly, the surplus was achieved without any loss of services to our members, who have encouraged and assisted the emergence of the new model. Many of our members have also taken a similar direction having recognised the unstable financial and business environment over recent years.
Cost control has required heavy lifting by all staff working with a new, inclusive budget regime. The disciplines needed for cost control procedures are now in place to ensure we stick to the basics of business.  Our focus is dedicated to providing relevant and quality services and programmes for members and advocating on their behalf to insist on a positive environment so business can grow and engender job creation.
Current Chair, Susan Parr and former president, Andrew Heap, played a critical role in the resurgence of the TCCI with the leadership of the board and support of management.
The strategy for 2014-15 and the wrap up of last financial year will be presented to members at the AGM in Hobart on September 11.It is extremely satisfying and comforting that with the support and leadership of the board, the hard work and dedication of staff and loyalty of members, we were able to get the books back in the black.
To the staff and board, thank you for your hard work, long hours, commitment and for going that extra mile, often.
To our loyal members, thank you for your support, encouragement and continued feedback.
The TCCI will continue to be a strong, relentless voice for all Tasmanian businesses

Michael Bailey
Chief Executive Officer