Abes Audio Founder Abe Udy and Director Tim Holder

One man’s lifelong passion for radio and audio production has become a true Australian success story, being nominated as a finalist in two 2014 Telstra Tasmanian Business Awards categories.

Tasmanian owned and operated, Abes Audio provides world class, specialist audio services to clients across Australia and the world, for use across various mediums including broadcast media, films, mobile devices and online content.

Abes Audio Creative Director Abe Udy said it was an honour to be named a finalist in the Telstra Small Business and Regional Award categories and it was great to see so many specialist businesses also recognised.

“A significant turning point for our business occurred four years ago when I formed a partnership with Tim Holder – together we have transformed the business, expanding our voiceover and audio production services to a growing national and international audience,” Mr Udy said.

“Abes Audio had a very humble beginning – a second hand CD player, a computer and slow dialup internet formed the backbone of the operation, while the makeshift recording ‘booth’ consisted of a second-hand microphone in a wardrobe.

“In just over 10 years, we have expanded our customer base to service over 800 clients from across Australia and the globe, working for some of the biggest brands in the business.

“As leaders in the audio industry, we provide everything from voice talent and sound design for video games, to voiceovers for telephone messages, documentaries, and jingles for radio and television advertising.

“Our product offering also includes narrations for e-learning, training products and documentaries, through to audio production for YouTube content and online real estate videos, international voices and language translations, as well as sound design for short films, brand music and animation.

“Our clients are located all over the world and due to the nature of our business, we too could be located anywhere, but our passion is for Tasmania, which is why we’re still here after all these years.”

Mr Udy regularly spends time visiting clients around Australia and believes this personal approach has been the key to achieving such a high number of clients approaching him through word-of-mouth recommendations.

“It’s personal in the best sense – it’s well known that business people do business with people they like,” he said.

“We believe our success can be attributed to our hard working team of 16 full-time staff and our large base of satisfied customers, who return to us time and time again.”

The Telstra Tasmanian Business Awards recognises and celebrates the achievements of successful businesses to help them reflect on their strategies and how they can further strengthen and grow their business into the future, while also inspiring other businesses.

The winners of the Tasmanian Awards will be announced on 11 July 2014.