AMA Tasmania President Tim Greenaway

New AMA Tasmania President Tim Greenaway

After three years of dedicated service to the Australian Medical Association (AMA) Tasmania as President, Dr John Davis is handing over the reins to current Vice President, Associate Professor Tim Greenaway.

Prof Greenaway, who is eager to begin his new role after 20 years as an AMA Tasmania member, acknowledged the dedication and hard work of Dr Davis.

“AMA Tasmania would certainly not be in such an exciting and prominent position without Dr Davis’s determination and hard work,” Prof Greenaway said.

“I congratulate Dr Davis, firstly on his superb leadership as President, and secondly for the enormous effort he has devoted over many years, particularly to ensuring AMA Tasmania is well placed to advocate for the six critical priorities for health care in Tasmania.

“It is my goal to continue Dr Davis’s work, which has focused on lobbying for the creation of a single funding model for health, a long-term health strategy to improve efficiency, providing more frontline staff and better graduate training, and more coal-face consultation with clinicians and general practitioners to ensure better health outcomes for all Tasmanians.

“By adopting these six key priorities Tasmania can create a health system that is more accountable and efficient and which can focus on excellence.”

Dr Davis, who has finished his term as President, echoed this sentiment saying whilst it was tempting to dwell on the successes of the past, it now was the time to build on these to ensure a stronger AMA Tasmania and a vibrant health care sector.

“In my role as AMA President I have been privileged to advocate for our members and for a better health system for all Tasmanians,” Dr Davis said.

“I believe we have achieved some great results over the past few years but there is still more work to do.

“I wish Tim all the best in his new position and thoroughly look forward to seeing the AMA Tasmania health priorities enacted by the new Government.”

Prof Greenaway plans to continue Dr Davis’s work with the new Liberal majority Government and hopes to see the end of confused policies and the lack of a clear, consistent health strategy.

“I look forward to sitting down with the Premier and Minister for Health, Michael Ferguson, in the coming months to discuss Tasmania’s healthcare system’s promising future,” Prof Greenaway said.