The new Liberal Government has approved a two year headworks holiday, implementing part of their long-term plan to grow the Tasmanian economy and create jobs.

Under the Liberal Government’s headworks holiday, which took effect from April 1, TasWater will not charge developers for headworks charges for projects that receive planning permits from that date forward.
Capped at $10 million over two years, it is estimated that this policy will bring forward $100 million of development and create up to 500 new jobs.
TasWater Chief Owners Representative Tony Foster welcomed the State Government’s commitment to provide $10 million over the next two years to implement a waiver on water and sewerage headworks charges.Construction, sign, workers (Tom Wakefield) 2

“Providing relief to headworks charges is a timely move by the Government and supports the work which TasWater are currently doing, at the request of the owner councils, to review headworks charges to ensure they send the right signals to encourage new development,” Cr Foster said.

The Property Council also applauded the new Liberal Government for acting on its commitment to boost investment in Tasmania.

Tasmanian Executive Director, Mary Massina, said it was encouraging to see the new Government address what was a key barrier to investment so quickly, as it showed a genuine commitment to economic development, investment and job creation.

“Not only has the Government listened to the concerns of the industry, but it has used a common sense approach by ensuring developers don’t have to go through a bureaucratic process of applying, saving money and time,” Ms Massina said.