That ‘conversation’ about Christmas parties generally starts around this time of year. It may spark some lively debate or have some people running for cover.

The suggestions put forward don’t excite everyone, so you put the Christmas party on the back burner to let everyone think about it for a while.

Sometime (much) later, you realise, Christmas is fast approaching and you need to start preparing, but all the previous suggested venues are booked out, and that karaoke machine you were looking at hiring is looking better and better all the time.

You decide to have the party at work; the boardroom is big enough and with the money you saved on not booking a venue you can spend a lot more on food and drink (not forgetting the state of the art karaoke machine).

The party starts off very slowly, the cocktail mixers you arranged loosen things up a little, but your cheese and cracker platter isn’t the hit you thought it would be, the karaoke selection of 1950’s cabaret songs doesn’t impress the millennials in the group. You mix more cocktails, you order in the pizzas and someone’s rendition of ‘New York New York’ really gets the party going…  Great party, right?

Monday morning, you quickly work out that while you were mixing those cocktails, Jo was dancing on the boardroom table and Stevie was posting the pictures on social media.  Ronnie had an unsavory episode with the photocopier and you are getting phone calls from Ally’s mother asking you why you let a 17 year old drink alcohol?

To make matters worse, Pete sprained an ankle whilst reenacting a scene from ‘The Matrix’.

Do you think your troubles end here?
This is where I become a real party pooper.
Consider these ideas….
Make sure all your employees understand what acceptable behavior is.

Ensure there is enough food and soft drink. Consider having a sit down meal instead.
Be aware that not everyone celebrates Christmas – think outside the square.
Try to arrange designated drivers to take people home after the party. Make sure someone stays sober and takes responsibility.

If you follow some simple guidelines, you can still have a great, safe and happy end of year celebration which will not jeopardise your employee’s reputations, their health and safety and your job!

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