The TCCI is deeply concerned about the coming Tasmanian fire season and its potential impacts on the State’s business sector.

The national warnings, released in August, have the East Coast of Tasmania as the major disaster area already.

We know that many of our rural brothers and sisters on the East Coast have struggled to maintain stock numbers without significant rainfalls over recent years. But it’s not just the East Coast. The TCCI is very worried about the regional and remote towns throughout Tasmania.

They are the heartland of the State’s economy and the driving force for employment within their communities.

If these communities are threatened – businesses, homes and vital town infrastructure – then those hubs can fail.

We have seen the devastation and loss suffered by entire regions like the Huon Valley and Dunalley in recent years.

As summer approaches, it’s time for everyone in Tasmania – particularly our small and medium business enterprises – to think about their insurance cover.
Is your insurance up to date. Have you got enough insurance.

What are you doing and what have you done to protect your property?
From the Tasmanian Fire Service, it urges all Tasmanians to create a defendable space around your home or property.

If you have prepared properly, either will be more likely to survive.
The advice for homeowners is also extremely relevant for business owners – modify the vegetation as well as remove most flammable material from around your premises.
I urge you to check it out at

You can also contact your local brigade – whether you live or work in the North, North-West or South.

Don’t put off preparing your property or business now! It puts your assets at risk and it could put firefighters at risk too.

If you have a business, who are the people given responsibility to fight fires on your premises if an emergency occurs?

Again, the TFS has a training unit that provides accredited training to businesses to help them keep their employees safe and protect their business in the event of an emergency.
What the TCCI wants is for Tasmanians and Tasmanian business to be protected this summer – in fact, all year long.