Hobart’s traffic congestion issues could be assisted with the use of cargo bikes, according to one business taking up the initiative.

The bikes are now being used to service construction sites and tall buildings courtesy of Spidertech industrial rope access specialists.
Managing Director Haig Rice decided to buy two electric cargo bikes to combat the capital’s parking problems.

“I think every contractor in Hobart is really fed up with the frustrations of parking and driving through the city. Everyone in Hobart knows that something has to be done about traffic congestion,” Mr Rice said.
“With a lot of our work occurring on inner-city high-rise buildings, parking has been a major issue for us. Most often we need someone to drop off and pick up staff. It represents at least an hour of someone’s time every day, it’s inefficient for those who are waiting, and it’s a major contributor to the already congested streets in Hobart.
“We did a very rough cost benefit analysis and decided that we would be saving approximately the cost of one bike per year in time taken for someone to perform the daily drop-off and pick-up of the work crew.
“Obviously, if it replaces a motor vehicle the savings go up a lot, not to mention parking fees and parking fines.”

Improving the wellness of workers is also a positive he said.

“Starting the working day with a light ride where you can apply a lot of physical exertion, or very little, but always have the wind in your hair; it lifts people’s spirit and focuses the mind. Everyone becomes more productive and happier for it.
Bicycle Network Public Affairs Manager Alison Hetherington said it was a great initiative.

“Other business I am aware of who use cargo bikes or electric bikes in Hobart are Shifter Cargo, Aroma Roama coffee and of course Australia Post,” she said.