BY Cristina Serra
Workplace Relations and Human Resources Consultant

There have been recent changes to the Right of Entry permits issued by the Fair Work Commission. The Fair Work Amendment – Modernising Right of Entry Regulations 2019, took effect from July 1, requiring all permit holders to produce an identity card when entering a business or business property.

Here’s how it works…
A new Identity card will include:

  • The permit holder’s full name;
  • The name of the applicant organization;
  • An expiry date for the permit;
  • A recent photograph of the permit holder;
  • The permit holder’s signature;
  • Any conditions imposed on entry, and
  • A QR code for a list of current permit holders registered on the commission website.
    This is the process…
  • The proposed permit holder (PPH) is required to complete a new form F42C confirming signature and photo;
  • The application is verified by a Digital iD – just like an Australian passport photographs (that means no smiling);
  • The PPH participates in a Skype call with the Commission to enable visual verification;
  • The new entry permit card (that should look like a Commonwealth government photo identity card) if approved, is then mailed to the registered organisation of the applicant. Current permit holders do not have to do anything at the moment. They will be able to continue using their existing permit until it expires. However, from October 1, 2019 they will have to produce photo identification along with their existing permit when entering premises.
    Permit holders are an elected officer of a union or an employee of a union.
    They can enter the workplace under certain circumstances such as:
  • A worker wants to speak to them;
  • They suspect there is a breach of workplace laws in relation to:
    • The National Employment standards;
    • An Award;
    • A registered Agreement; or
    • Workplace Health and Safety laws

There are rules around Right of Entry such as written notices, times and some exemptions to be aware of in the event you are faced with a Right of Entry permit holder.

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