Tasmania’s business community has made a commitment to support mental health research during recent International Women’s Day luncheon.

Business leaders, along with Parliamentary representatives, started to publicly challenge each other to battle it out in The Mind Games.

The Mind Games – Race for Research – is being held in October this year.

Teams will come together in a series of fun challenges, with the aim of raising the profile of mental health in the workplace and raising money for the Menzies Institute for Medical Research.

“It was really encouraging to hear so many people in the room say this issue resonates with them, and how keen they were to support workplace mental health research” said Larissa Bartlett, mental health researcher at Menzies.

The Mind Games will have teams competing in a series of challenges that will encourage working together and having fun.

“Unfortunately I’m seeing it more and more in the work that I do” said Sherri Ring, of Energy Health.

“People are more anxious, stressed and depressed than ever.  We want The Mind Games to remind people to look after both their physical and mental health, and at the same time raise money for Menzies to undertake its research.”

The Mind Games will be held on October 18.

For more information and to register your business go to http://www.themindgames.com.au