The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry this week released its Q4 Survey results which showed 55 per cent of Tasmanian businesses surveyed are positive about the state’s economy.

“In general terms, the view of the Tasmanian economy is strongly positive, with some negativity about the overall Australian economy, TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said.

“Region by region, the North is most positive (61%), followed by the South (55%) and North-West (30%).

“In relation to the national economy, the North-West leads the way (30%), followed by the North (26%), but the South is less positive (18%).”

Mr Bailey said it will be interesting to watch the results of the survey before and after the coming Federal election in 2019.

“We will have two surveys either side of the Federal poll and I know members are concerned with the current situation, where some of politicians appear to be consumed by themselves as opposed to the country and implementing positive policy.”


Australian Economy
  Positive Neutral Negative
NW 30 50 20
N 26 50 24
S 18 57 25
Total 21 55 24


Tasmanian Economy
  Positive Neutral Negative
NW 30 50 20
N 61 34 5
S 55 35 11
Total 55 36 10