It is the start of another year and maybe this is the right time for a review of what you have in place to manage your workplace health and safety. The question is – ‘what should I review and why?’.

Your workplace health and safety system may have the following components included:

  • An overarching WHS Policy;
  • An induction;
  • A safe system of work;
  • Inspections;
  • Safe operating procedures;
  • Take 5;
  • Safe work method statements;
  • Consultation policy and procedure;
  • Incident / accident policy and procedure.

How could you review the documents listed – what types checks could you put in place?

  1. WHS policy – Ensure the policy still refers to the workplaces commitment to workplace health safety, ensure it is dated and signed.
  2. Induction – Job roles can change overtime, responsibilities may vary and the expectation of the workplace may have changed especially in the case of workplace health and safety responsibilities. Ensure the induction reflects those requirements.
  1. Safe system or work;

–  Ensure inspections are completed correctly and are actually performed.

–  If safe operating procedures are used are they up to date and being followed?

–  Are take fives completed and reviewed correctly (if used in the work place)?

–  For high risk activities, are safe work method statements completed for all individual work actives that require this level of hazard identification and risk assessment?

  1. Is there a record of all aspects of consultation carried out in the workplace and review of suggestions made by staff and the outcome?
  2. Are incident / accident forms filled out for every event that occurs including near misses? Are the outcomes of the investigations actioned and implemented to prevent reoccurrence?

By Craig Hortle, TCCI Work Health and Safety Specialist South

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