Farzin Hesari has a unique approach to selling a business.

Farzin naturally possesses initiative, interpersonal and professional skills that are critical for the fast-paced nature of business.

In 2014, Spree Rewards was born and on its board was talented Tasmanian industrial design duo, David Houbaer and Alec Balcombe, and computer engineer, Tim Askey.

With the assistance of Robert Rockefeller’s company, Nekon, the idea to help retail and business owners better connect with their customers came to fruition.

It rewarded consumers who stayed loyal to their local businesses by providing discounts and promotional material.

The first product was a touch-screen kiosk that connected consumers to stores and brands of their choice. The Cloud-based platform was designed to collect and analyse key performance indicators for retailers to better inform them on business decisions.

In March this year the company – which remains successful – was sold. Spree Rewards and its parent company, Open Haus Marketing, was sold to Vensys Pty Ltd.

From this experience, Farzin recognized there was a gap in the market for businesses wanting to explore exit strategies.

From this, Link became a reality; Farzin established the first Link businesses brokerage office in Tasmania.

It stands out as a clear leader in its field through its personable approach to business mentoring. Unlike selling property, when prospective clients purchase a business with Link, Farzin and his team work with them after the deal to ensure their business milestones are reached.

Within six months Link had multiple businesses successfully listed.

The Tasmanian team quickly grew to four.

  • Kat Little has obtained extensive knowledge in the hospitality and tourism industry with over 25 years experience. For twenty years, she owned the iconic establishments, Red Awnings Collection.
  • Luke Vanderstaay returned home to Tasmania after many years of working in Dubai. He has an outstanding sales record overseas with an average of $50m monthly sales. Luke was working with a Singapore-based developer and headed up their Middle East operations, and sold new hotel developments in Thailand, with global company, Regus. Luke’s talents and expertise will be vital to the success of Link as he manages the commercial property division.
  • Eunice Ware has worked as a paralegal since 1998, and has gained extensive experience across all aspects of commercial property. She has a true passion for what she does and to see the businesses Link works with, excel.

Business intuition is in Farzin’s DNA. From an early age he had the knack for entrepreneurship. His early career began when he started selling sunglasses to optometrists at the age of fourteen.  Whilst he was still at school, he went on to start his first business of retailing overseas electronics that he had bought online. At the age of 19, he bought a business, and doubled its revenue within twelve months.  Persistence and passion for business is deeply entrenched in Farzin’s nature.

In the short time Link has been in Tasmania its team has helped many business owners successfully sell through its unique approach.

Through the coaching and mentoring program, it has assisted many people wanting to own their own business.

Nobody will work harder than Farzin and his team to make sure clients and business operators can excel in their field.