Middle School Classrooms

By Ebony Abblitt

Scotch Oakburn College has partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to introduce a new flexible IT system that will boost the performance of their network and improve opportunities for their 1200 students.

Brendan Vince, Head of eLearning and IT Services at Scotch Oakburn said investment in IT systems was a necessity to enhance student experience.

“We needed to invest in our IT systems to enhance the experience of the College’s staff and students, and ensure this offering was competitive,” Mr Vince said.
With learning in classroom environments becoming increasingly digitised, the College has invested in a system that will allow them to seamlessly integrate these new technologies whilst minimising connectivity disruptions and operational costs.

“The HPE team demonstrated solid expertise in improving the reliability and agility of our systems in a cost effective, single vendor solution which anyone in the IT team is able to manage,” said Mr Vince.

The new HPE developed system allows for easier maintenance and higher business resilience with the opportunity for simplified future growth as technology changes.

This has helped to increase staff productivity and improve ease of use across Scotch Oakburn’s three campuses.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technology expert Brendan Sit notes that colleges such as Scotch Oakburn are facing an increasing need to manage growing workloads to ensure staff can concentrate on teaching and students can focus on learning.

“HPE’s solution has transformed the College’s ability to seamlessly manage a complex infrastructure, reduce complexity, improve operational efficiency and reduce cost, allowing the College to provide innovative student services now and into the future.” said Mr Sit.