National pies

Tasmanian Bakeries employee Darren McHenry with a fresh batch of National Pies

Tasmanian Bakeries’ iconic National Pie will be available across supermarket giant Woolworths’ Victorian stores from August this year.

CEO Shaun Hancock said the team was very proud that it would be satisfying the craving for ‘Proper National Pies’ in Victoria across 240 Woolworths stores Victoria-wide.

“During July, the team have been extremely busy building 150 pallets to fill eight freezer containers in preparation for the product launch in Woolworths’ Victorian stores,” Mr Hancock said.

Tasmanian Bakeries is a third-generation Tasmanian family-owned business, established in 1942 by Alfred Gough, a local butcher.

The bakery employs 95 people and still bakes its pies and pastries fresh every day in Hobart before distributing throughout Tasmania and interstate.

Mr Hancock said all Tasmanian Bakeries’ products proudly display the Tasmanian Bakeries Quality Guarantee on the packaging.

“This reinforces our Tasmanian heritage and our strong commitment to use Tasmanian-sourced ingredients where possible,” he said.

“At our core, we believe wholeheartedly in Tasmania and supporting other Tasmanian businesses and Tasmanians.

“While we directly employ a team of local butchers, bakers and pastry makers, just as importantly, we have always supported Tasmanian farmers and suppliers, and understand the critical role they have played in our journey and in our future.

“We are excited to be offering all Victorians the opportunity to experience a ‘Proper National Pie’; and we look forward to sharing another 75 years with all Tasmanians, our farmers, suppliers and local businesses.”