Gavin hybrid

Currowong Engineering CEO Gavin Brett with his Hybrid Transmuter system

By Emily Heathcote

Tasmania’s Currawong Engineering have been awarded a landmark contract to develop an unmanned aerial vehicle power plant for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Currawong specialises in developing complex engine systems, with advanced technological designs nationally recognised for their ingenuity.

Partnered with Melbourne-based SYPAQ Systems, Currawong is proud to announce it will be working on one of the first projects under the Australian Governments Defence Innovation Hub.

“This innovation project is a great opportunity to work closely with SYPAQ, a leading defence industry business, and apply our unmanned aerial vehicle power plant technology, that has primarily been exported to date, to a new application within the Australian market and for Australian Defence personnel to use,” said Currawong Engineering CEO Gavin Brett

Currawong’s lightweight and efficient engine, fuel injection and hybrid power electrics technology are the basis for SYPAQ Systems’ next generation mobile power source for the ADF.

SYPAQ Sensors and Surveillance General Manager Ross Osborne said the company was proud to be partnering with an innovative Tasmanian business to develop this important piece of equipment.

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