Ship shape at Burnie Port

Ship shape

Trade through Tasmania’s ports has received a boost with the official launch of a $2.5 million, state-of-the-art pilot vessel, the Hellyer.

The Hellyer, launched during a ceremony at the port of Burnie, is the latest vessel to be unveiled as part of an $18 million Fleet Renewal Program by the Tasmanian Ports Corporation (TasPorts).

“TasPorts is committing to provide a world-class service to our shipping customers and the Hellyer will play a central part in that,” said TasPorts CEO Paul Weedon.

This year, over 100 ships have called at Burnie and over 1.3 million tonnes of total freight has been through the port.

Tasports’ 10-year Fleet Renewal Program will improve service to customers with an efficient and reliable fleet including tugs, pilot vessels and work boats. The program will also improve the safety of employees and port assets.

Pilot vessels play a crucial role in the operation of any modern port. They take highly skilled pilots out to ships so that they can be brought safely and efficiently into port.

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