michael-bailey-headshot.jpgThe challenge and impact of intergenerational unemployment is one not lost on the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The ramifications are felt socially and economically and its hard not to be touched by the personal stories of disadvantage we hear regularly.

Many a program or plan has been put in place to help address the issue.

At the TCCI we are proud to be part of the latest bid to make real change, right now.

The government’s 2017 Budget includes $4.1 million for a program being implemented by the TCCI and TasCOSS to remove barriers that stop young people from getting a job, such as transport.

The Jobs Action Package is designed to increase the number of people employed in regional areas, plus provide opportunities to reskill, or complete qualifications required to gain employment in their region.

Regional areas always have been and will continue to be a challenge.  By providing greater support to businesses to employ and connect them with local job seekers, we will see tangible change.

We know there are businesses across Tasmania that want and need to employ people but they require assistance.  This package will help.

It will also provide provision for a jobs bus to connect regional communities, initially in the Derwent Valley.

The jobs bus will improve regional transport issues and dramatically enhance opportunities, helping facilitate meaningful employment.

As a result, we think it will also lead to better health and education outcomes.

As TasCOSS CEO Kim Goodes pointed out – this program is about real, lasting and significant change.

Ms Goodes is at the coalface of the State’s struggle with those individuals, families and communities that haven’t had the opportunity to get out there and change their lives, and in turn Tasmania’s fortunes, for the better.

We all want to see Tasmanians thrive – and by bringing together government, community and business personnel we are proving that Tasmania is united in the push to reduce inequality and disadvantage.

By Michael Bailey, Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO