International students

THE University of Tasmania has recently developed a new, two-day program to help international students prepare for work in Australia.

The first session was run in Hobart during June, and students visited a number of sites across Hobart to learn more about Australian workplace culture, resume writing and the job interview process.

The students heard from various professionals about their qualifications and the career paths that had lead them to the roles they are in today.

This was an excellent opportunity to meet Industry stakeholders in their own workplace, observe people working in a number of different industries and roles and network with members of the community.

The I-PREP Program aims to enhance the international student experience through opportunities in Tasmania, help students identify career paths and goals, and develop their professional profiles.

This practical course will help launch students on their career path, ensuring that those who wish to remain in Tasmania after completion of their studies have the best possible opportunity to do so.

As part of the Program, students had the opportunity to tour Parliament House in Hobart to learn about Tasmania’s democratic and parliamentary practices and procedures and to engage with Members of Parliament.

With the students all keen to remain in Tasmania, a visit to Parliament will help provide them with the knowledge to exercise their democratic rights should they chose to make Tasmanian their home permanently.

As a regular supporter of Tasmania’s multicultural community, Speaker of the House of Assembly, Elise Archer, helped welcome the group to Parliament.

“It is essential to help our new arrivals get the most out of life in Tasmania, and a knowledge of how our system of government works is just one of a number of important notions to impart,” she said.

“I commend the University of Tasmania for this innovative initiative, and I trust that the students will learn a great deal from their participation in the program.”

“I would like to sincerely thank all those who helped to make the first of our I-PREP Programs a success,” said program co-ordinator, Louise Chesterman.

“A number of businesses, organisations and individuals went out of their way to assist our international students participating in the Program, including Guy Barnett who helped facilitate the visit to Parliament House and Ms Archer, and President of the Legislative Council, Jim Wilkinson, who also met the group on the day.”