tasmania invest

Tasmania Invest, a bespoke buyer’s agency, has just been launched to focus on attracting local, interstate and international investment to create jobs and generate economic opportunities in Tasmania.

Tasmania Invest Directors will work for investors to aggregate tailored investment packages across a wide range of sectors, including agriculture, tourism, mining, education, aquaculture, horticulture  and transport.

The three directors of Tasmania Invest Pty Ltd are: business leader in the mining, construction, forestry and transport sectors John Lamb; former journalist, PR manager and multi-award winning business owner Sarah Hirst; and founding partner of Harrison Humphreys Real Estate Agency Robert Harrison.

They believe there has never been a better time to invest in Tasmania.

‘‘There is record global interest currently in Tasmania as a place to invest, live and work,’’ Mrs Hirst said.

‘‘Our clean and green environment, our rich productive soils and quality of life offer endless opportunities for people around Tasmania, the mainland and overseas to add investment value to our industries, whether it’s a vegetable-processing factory, an export abattoir, a luxury health spa or farm stay accommodation,’’ Mr Lamb said.

Mr Harrison said many real estate agencies had invested significant time and money into working with these investors.

‘‘But there has been a longstanding need for professional business consultants to work directly for investors so that the deals can be finalised and additional post-sale investment can be encouraged and realised,’’ he said.

The unique business consultancy will offer services including: locating individual and aggregated properties and businesses, many of which might not be listed publicly on the market, for sophisticated investors; offering a confidential intermediary negotiation service for private investors; introductions to state and federal government leaders and assistance with financial grant applications.