The latest results of the General Government Sector Employment report for the 2014-15 financial year reveals that the government’s workforce reduction plans are ahead of schedule, with the government on track to deliver the four year savings set out in the 14-15 Budget.

Treasurer Peter Gutwein said that all the heavy lifting has been completed in the first year.

“We are ensuring that we have a public sector that Tasmania can afford, to provide the services Tasmanians need,” Mr Gutwein said.

“As the Preliminary Outcomes Report showed, we are exercising fiscal discipline to get the budget back on track, with the best bottom line performance since 2010-11.

“Our first Budget set a target of reducing the public sector by 861 full time equivalents (FTEs) in 2014-15 with a total reduction of 1,200 FTEs over our first term.”

Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition Bryan Green said the budget update shows massive revenue increases from Canberra and the effects of the government’s deep cuts to community services.

“It’s little wonder waiting lists in our hospitals have blown out so dramatically under the Hodgman Government when you look at the level of unnecessary neglect,” Mr Green said.

“Despite GST and other revenues increasing by a staggering $180 million, our schools and hospitals have never had it so bad.”

Treasurer Peter Gutwein said a strong and sustainable budget was critical for underpinning investor confidence and for job creation in Tasmania.