The Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania has launched a new website to help inform Tasmanians about the law.

Minister for Justice Vanessa Goodwin said the Legal Aid Commission’s website is an important source of legal information for the Tasmanian community, attracting around 500 visits every day.

The new Legal Aid Commission website

The new Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania website 

“The new website will significantly enhance the Legal Aid Commission’s capacity to provide information about the law to the Tasmanian community,” Ms Goodwin said.

“It will be easier to navigate, is adaptive to mobile and tablet platforms, and is available in different languages. It’s also the first Tasmanian Government agency website to have an audio function to offer literacy support.

“It will play an important role in empowering people to understand their legal rights and responsibilities and prevent legal problems from arising or escalating.”

The website upgrade was funded through a grant from the Solicitors’ Guarantee Fund.

To visit the new website, go to