SEPTEMBER 2014 saw the start of the TCCI Employer Validated Work Readiness pilot project, TCCI Work Ready, designed to put employers ahead when it comes to determining if a person is work-ready.

The program does not use accredited training, but instead focuses on building the participants’ capability to meet employers’ expectations in the workplace.

The final outcome of this project will be a framework that represents what employers have identified as the attributes of a work-ready individual.

Devonport Work Ready Program graduate ceremony

Devonport Work Ready Program graduate ceremony

The pilot has been successful, with many participants gaining employment through their work experience.

From an employer’s perspective, having someone in their business for four weeks is an excellent way to preview their next employee.

Under the new Job Active system, employers are able to have a job seeker in their business for four weeks (25 hours a week) as an unpaid work trial.

While this is great for employers, many job seekers require some ‘‘polish’’ before entering a workplace, particularly those with little to no work history.

The TCCI Work Ready program is the perfect precursor to you taking on a work experience person through the Job Active system.

TCCI Work Ready will prepare job seekers by coaching and mentoring participants in understanding employer expectations around attitude, appearance, attendance and other accepted workplace behaviours.

To access this program, employers must request that the job seeker undertake the TCCI Work Ready program before starting work experience.

By using the TCCI Work Ready program in conjunction with Job Active work experience, you can avoid a lengthy and expensive recruitment process.

The TCCI will provide potential new employees with intensive and effective employability skills development, before they start work experience or an unpaid work trial.

The work experience will be co-ordinated through the Job Active Provider network.

If you are considering employing someone in your business, contact the TCCI Education and Training team to discuss how this program and work experience may help you save time, money and reduce the risks associated with bringing new employees into your business.