No one lived up to the saying ‘the world is your oyster’ better than Sir Winston Churchill, who, beyond the grave is still encouraging everyday Australians to seize the opportunities to learn and explore abroad.

Created on the wishes of the late British leader, the Churchill Fellowships presents the opportunity for everyday people to travel, learn, and give back to Australia, and with applications now open for the 2015 Churchill Fellowships, CEO of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, Mr Paul Tys urges all to apply.

“From scientists to artists, jackaroos to journalists, or any inspired Australian, a Churchill Fellowship is the research opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to truly advance the fabric of Australian society,” said Mr Paul Tys.

“A Churchill Fellowship provides you with an opportunity to investigate the best ideas in the world, inspire people, and give back to Australia.”

The concept, endorsed by Churchill before he died, was Fellowships, bearing his name, for ordinary people – providing a unique opportunity to travel, learn, and bring knowledge back to their country.

“If you’ve ever dreamed of travelling abroad to study ways of improving practices in your chosen field, a Churchill Fellowship provides the means and support to make this a reality,” Mr Paul Tys said.

More than 100 Fellowships are awarded each year valued at more than $20,000 each.

Applications are open for the 2015 Churchill Fellowships now until Monday 16 February 2015, for travel between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016.

All Australian citizens aged over 18 are invited to apply. No prescribed qualifications are required and the subject of the project is limitless – provided a benefit to Australia is evident.

Since the inception of the Churchill Trust, more than 3,900 Australians have identified projects where overseas research allowed them to bring back vital networks and skills.

For more information about the Churchill Trust, including the work of Fellows, see