The Absolute Beauty team

The Absolute Beauty team

It’s not always obvious, but workplaces have a direct influence on the health of employees – this may include their physical, mental, economic and social wellbeing.

Research shows that healthier employees are more productive; more engaged in their work; take less sick leave and have greater levels of energy and concentration, all improving the bottom line.

Absolute Beauty is a beauty salon based in Launceston in Tasmania’s north, which has a strong health and well-being program. The salon employs ten beauty therapists and nail technicians, and has been in operation for 12 years with over 4500 clients.

Tracey Orr, the owner of Absolute Beauty initially thought starting a health and well-being program would be too expensive, and the business would not get anything out of it.

Last year Absolute Beauty was recognised for its program by being awarded joint winner of the national healthy workplace awards for the small business category.

A good workplace health and well-being program should be designed to support and encourage employees make healthier choices to improve their general health and well-being and reduce the risk of injury or illness.

A well designed program may also have a positive influence on the health and well-being of colleagues, family members and communities.

Typically, a program may focus on lifestyle issues as identified by employees such as healthy eating, physical activity, sedentary behaviour, social and emotional well-being, smoking cessation and minimising alcohol and drug use.

Tracy will be discussing the challenges and successes of a workplace health and well-being at the upcoming Good Health Good Business National Conference in Hobart from 21st-22nd August, 2014 along with many others.

The Conference will be host to internationally recognised speakers such as Dr Judd Allan, President of the American Human Resources Institute and Organisation Psychologist Dr Peter Cotton, together with CEO of the Heart Foundation Graeme Lynch and AFL legend Stan Alves, just to name a few.

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