CEO of Gerathy & Madison Media Monitoring Richard Gerathy

CEO of Gerathy & Madison Media Monitoring Richard Gerathy

For the first time, Tasmania has a locally focused media monitoring service.

CEO of Gerathy & Madison Media Monitoring, Richard Gerathy, said whilst media monitoring is a specialised service, companies and government need to know what is happening in the media and local knowledge is key.

“We have been operating as an agent of Australian Associated Press (AAP) for a number of years, but when their monitoring service was sold to the competitor ,we recognised that it was time for a Tasmanian service,” Mr Gerathy said.

“It has taken over six months build the computer system in Tasmania, but with our developer Dave Stott in Devonport and the assistance of Filemaker in Santa Clara, we have come up with a service that is easy to use, expand and customise.

“Because we come from a media and issues management background we understand the issues in Tasmania at any one time and we approach information gathering from that perspective.

“We provide a focused, cost effective service that is proving very popular with clients.

“We have four staff in Tasmania and have opened an agency in NSW, with a view to expand our service there.” Mr Gerathy said.

Currently Gerathy & Madison Media Monitoring offers print, radio and TV monitoring of Tasmanian and national content.

The company is currently incorporating internet and social media into the system.