Getting a grip on design

A new handlebar design that helps cyclists achieve a more aerodynamic position could be the key to Tasmanian Institute of Sport athletes improving their performance on the track.

Vote 1 majority government

The upcoming state election is one of the most important ever, and Tasmania’s industry and business sectors want a majority government at the end of it, says TCCI CEO Michael Bailey.

Pick one or the other

The need for majority government is the number one priority for the business community in the lead up to the March 3 State Election, writes Editor Tom O’Meara.

West Coast Wind Farm underway

Construction has begun at the $280 million Granville Harbour wind farm.

The 112 megawatt wind farm on Tasmania’s west coast will contribute towards plans to double Tasmania’s renewable energy capacity and make it the Battery of the Nation.

Chips down as Liberals announce gambling policy

Tasmanians will be able to continue to play poker machines in pubs and clubs across the state until 2043 if the Liberals are re-elected in March, with more of the revenue generated by electronic gaming machines returning to owners of pubs and clubs after 2023.